Thrift Store Finds – 06.27.2017

I had an hour to kill before a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and decided to try my luck at a nearby thrift store. I’ve seen plenty of people post some great finds from thrift stores in the past, but I’ve never actually found anything at any of the ones I’ve ventured into.

Well, that changed today.

I started at the sports section, where I found a book autographed by Hall of Famer (class of 1980) Duke Snider (dec. 2011) and another signed by long-time Major League player and broadcaster Jim Kaat.

From there, I moved on to biographies, where I found a book signed by “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Duane Chapman. Side note, whatever happened to that guy?

Finally, I saw a cart of books waiting to be put out including one from political pundit Sean Hannity that had a “signed first edition” sticker on the front.

I plan on keeping the Snider for myself but the rest are FS/FT.

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