Overwatch What You’re Doing, USPS!

There was nothing in today’s mailbox, but I forgot to recap yesterday’s mail (probably because I was fuming); so here’s Monday’s Mangled Mail Day…

First up, was a small envelope containing a signed card from former Canadiens & Avalanche goalie Patrick Roy. I sent a request along with $2US to cover postage.


Next up, was a return from Eli Manning. I’ve seen a bunch of people posting about off-season success with Eli; as long as the request only contained cards or small photos. I sent a pair of 4×6 photos (one from each of his Super Bowl wins); but received them back unsigned along with his pre-printed “too busy” letter. Blah!

Next was a completely mangled 9×12 envelope containing an autographed 8×10 from musician Grace Potter. I requested this via her Facebook page and it arrived quickly. That didn’t stop the post office from completely destroying the envelope which was clearly marked “DO NOT BEND”. It doesn’t look so bad in the scan, but I’m trying to flatten it out. I’ve also messaged Grace & her social team to see if I could possibly get another.


Another mangled envelope, but this time it was a cardboard 12×18 mailer. This contained my purchase from Meg Turney’s website. I ordered an 11×17 “Overwatch” photo and she threw in an extra 8.5×11 for free. The 11×17 has several creases and bends (the mailer looks like it got ran over by a USPS truck) and again, doesn’t look so bad in this scan. I have reached out to see about getting a replacement, though.

Finally, was the biggest mystery of all — I got back one of my return envelopes; but whoever returned it forgot to peel the “peel and seal” part. It was completely empty inside… I guess I’ll see in the next few weeks if I can narrow down who this may have been. It will prompt me to start discretely marking envelopes so I can figure out who it’s from, if this ever happens again though.


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