About Ed

I started collecting baseball cards one fateful Sunday morning in 1985.  As a 7-year-old kid accompanying my dad to the candy store to pick up a newspaper, I always got to pick out something for myself — usually candy or a comic book.  Alas, I already had the Spider-Man issue that was on the rack, so I noticed packs of baseball cards by the candy.  I asked for those instead — and for a little more than a dollar, my dad bought me 2 packs of Fleer and 2 packs of Topps.  I had a bunch of cards AND two sticks of gum — an obsession was born.

Over the years, I’ve collected and sold collections numerous times; setting up as a “dealer” at a card show at 13 and being a weekend card show warrior to help pay for college in the mid-90s. I’ve bought and sold nearly every type of card imaginable — baseball, basketball, football, hockey, golf, soccer, NASCAR, wrestling, boxing, mixed martial arts, non-sports, Pokemon, and more.

I still love ripping open cards; whether it be a pack, box, case or even just a repack box from Target or WalMart — but I have focused my collection more on autographs of late.  A card show find of just a few Mets autographed baseballs has launched into an obsession of its own with an ever-growing collection over just a few months.

My Mets-only baseball collection soon expanded to 8x10s, and then 16x20s — and then Rangers autographed pucks started making their way in, followed by celebrity autographs.  Now it’s just whatever catches my eye on a certain day or someone I’d like to add to my collection because I’ve been a fan of their play/acting/singing/whatever.

This site will showcase my collection, the ups and downs of collecting in-person and through the mail (TTM), the online purchases, the authentication process and (hopefully not many) unauthentic autographs received. I also hope to use this site to trade some of my doubles to interested collectors.

So join me on this adventure and let me know what I can do to make this site more engaging for everyone that interacts with it!