Weekend Roundup

After leaving work on Friday, I decided to stop by Madison Square Garden.  You see, there was a WWE house show there that night (you may have seen the uproar on Twitter late Friday night when AJ Styles defeated Kevin Owens for the US Title -- a very rare event at a house show). For [...]

Yesterday’s Mail – 07.03.2017

I fell asleep before I hit the "publish" button last night, so apologies for the late posting. Yesterday I received a dual-signed color 8x10 from magicians Penn & Teller. I received this just 15 days after sending an email request to autographrequests@pennandteller.com I hope everyone has a happy, festive and safe 4th!

Eternal Con 2017

Eternal Con 2017

BEWARE: LONG POST! Today, I attended the 5th annual Eternal Con right here on Long Island, New York (cheap pop for Mr. Mick Foley).  It was my first time attending Eternal Con, and the first time they've held it at (the "newly renovated") Nassau Coliseum. Now I had heard that yesterday's opening was not smooth [...]